My name is Brenda Paiz. I currently reside in New Mexico, where writing is not only my hobby but my passion. Like many hobbies, I had to put my writing on hold for a few years while I dealt with the things college didn't prepare me for: overcoming addiction and living with a mental illness. The journey has been challenging but as I sit here as a current editor and head writer for ABQ-Live The Magazine, I am proud to be this person that was molded out of hardship and obstacles; I’m proud of the strength that I was forced to find within myself.

I attended West Virginia University where I began to cover all topics from campus crime and technology to latest trends and music. During my five year hiatus (see resume) I struggled with addiction, mental illness and general instability - a journey that I had no idea would take years to overcome. It was during this time, however, where writing proved to be more helpful than ever as I headed toward recovery. In the years of my unpublished work, I focused on journaling, healing and documenting my recovery - a very personal experience that I now want to share.

Although I’m still in recovery - over two years - I find that my mind and my life are finally clear of the literal and metaphorical toxins that consumed my entire being just a few years ago.

In November of 2016, I started as an intern at a local publication in my hometown called ABQ-Live The Magazine. Initially, it was hard for me to adapt to this world that had once been so familiar but if anybody could do it, it was me...right? 

Now, as thirty seems closer than ever, I'm finally in a position where I can commit fully to my goals and invest in the future I always dreamed of.