comedy night at casablanca

by brenda paiz


There was not a dry eye in the house last Thursday as Hotel Andaluz hosted their new free Stand Up comedy night inside Casablanca.  ABQ-Live sent out a couple staff members to cover the event and recap all of the hilarious moments for you!

The weekly Comedy show, which features different comedians from all over the country, is a free show that takes place every Thursday from 8-10pm inside Hotel Andaluz and brings diversity to the comedy scene here in the 505.

The night started off with Ron Lamprecht, a comedian from Minnesota, who discussed being “middle-class poor” and explained what exactly that term meant by using a clever analogy of cereals. Having grown up on bagged cereal, Lamprecht hilariously compared generic brands to name brands and how different they actually are. Being bad at sex and guy stuff, Lamprecht joked about his experiences in auto part stores and called it “the Pinterest for men” before explaining the importance of being a good father, so your daughter doesn’t end up giving hand jobs to the entire football team.

Lamprecht set the bar pretty high as an opening act with highly relatable content and audience interaction. It was going to be a tough act to follow, but funny girl Christie Buchele nailed it almost instantly.

Making the best of having a disability, Buchele talked about her cerebral palsy and called herself a “sexy gimp and rag-doll” because of her “not-so-straight walk” and limp legs. She discussed her childhood and what it was like growing up with a disability while being raised by single father, who thought that one day she might “un-cripple herself.” I think the funniest thing about Christie was the fact that she gave zero fucks while discussing topics that some people take too seriously. There were a few comments that were borderline inappropriate in any other setting, but for stand-up material, they were perfect and hit every time; there was not a dry eye in the house. Getting out of DUI’s, being a teacher and “not being able to fuck your students” made for hilarious and vulgar stories as well. Overall, Christie sends a message that if you are a good stand up comedian, you can take something as unfunny as your disability and turn it into gold: clever, hilarious gold.

As the night progressed and the comics continued to deliver endless laughs, headliner and Denver comedian, Nathan Lund took the stage. With a pretty impressive resume, my expectations were pretty high as Lund took the stage. Oddly enough, he immediately called out DJ Nobody special and joked about the importance of low-expectations after calling him “easy dick”. It was hilarious and even the DJ was laughing. Lund talked about 2016 and how people need to calm down when they refer to it as the worst year ever, reminding us that were some positive things that happened last year. A 34-year old with no health insurance and definitely not a go-getter, Lund joked about the lack of 69’ing in your 30s and how cuffed pants are not a good look on a fat dude. Nathan lives in Denver with his girlfriend and does not a have car, but he had to clarify that it was for financial reasons and not environmental reasons. Nathan Lund is a guy that we all know. We all have a Nathan Lund in our life, the funny guy that jokes about his chubbiness or bad health, and I think that’s what made him even more likable. From his stories of fingering and homemade pants to his obsession with Dean Koontz and Tom Hanks, this guy was all over the place. Nothing was off limits for Lund and that’s what made him so great.

Overall, Comedy Night at Hotel Andaluz was a great experience. All three of the comics brought something different and unique to the table and delivered hilarious jokes that had all of us entertained. Join us next Thursday from 8-10pm at Hotel Andaluz for comedy night, featuring a new lineup of comics and a night filled with lots of laughs.


Published January 2017,