Interview with Reggae artist CHRONIXX performing at Sunshine Theater

by brenda paiz


Reggae artist, Chronixx, talked to ABQ-Live exclusively about his music, his recent collaboration with Adidas and his plans for the future as he gets ready to take the stage at Sunshine Theatre Wednesday at 8pm.

The 24-year-old Jamaican reggae singer, who comes from a musical family, got his start when he was about six years old. Having a father who was also in the reggae music scene, Chronixx says he feels very fortunate to have been exposed to more than just the music as a child. 

“[Having a family with a musical background] exposed me to the process of making music…one of the first thing I experienced was the process of recording and writing music,” he recalls. “I remember just going to the studio with my father and watching him make music: that was one of the greatest influences in terms of how I’ve chose to operate as a musician.”

With a number of records already under his belt, Chronixx talks about his latest single “Majesty” and the message that he wants women to take from it. 

“The song was meant to outline divinity of women in general. It’s a love song that isn’t just a ‘romantic/intimate’ love song, it’s just a love song in general for the divinity of women,” he says, “from the grandmother, to the mother, to the sister, to the daughter…every woman is majestic.”

After briefly discussing the new music and upcoming album (no release date yet) Chronixx explains how an idea with a friend, blossomed into a collaboration with Adidas, as Chronixx was named the face of the 2017 Spezial collection. The collection which draws inspiration from Jamaican life, Adidas originals, and soccer (or futbol, as Chronixx and the rest of the world calls it,) is available in stores and online. 

While discussing his accomplishments, Chronixx began to talk about his holistic views and lifestyle that stem from his Rastafarian beliefs. 

“As a part of Rastafarian movement and community , you’re automatically evolved into the philosophy and the beliefs of the teachings. And once you see yourself as a part of the earth and that the earth provides everything that you need for your nutrition, you make that change,” he says. “Ever since I started to practice the teachings , that’s where my diet and everything changed which was a few years ago.”

Chronixx continues to talk about how Rastafarian practices have changed his life and freed his soul by correcting natural imbalances in his life. And as he aims to become more unified with the earth itself, his success has become more mainstream in the United States as well. Chronixx performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon back in February, which he says is such a great platform and had an amazing experience. 

In addition to national television, Chronixx has recently been featured in Vogue, Self Magazine, GQ and CNBC. The future looks bright for this rising star, but for now he says he just wants to continue making music and living a wonderful life. 

If you haven’t checked out Chronixx yet, find him on Spotify/ Apple music or follow him on Instagram @chronixxmusic. See him live tomorrow night at Sunshine Theatre.


Published April 2017,